6 days
4 days
Single Entry within 3 month
Double Entry within 6 month
Multiple Entry within 6 month
Multiple Entry within 12 month

*Prices only include Consulate and TVI fees. Additional fee applies for Shippping and Handling (see below)
The processing time is in BUSINESS DAYS and does NOT include Return Shipping time.

All of the following documents must be received by our office before processing your visa to China.

  • Order Form, thoroughly completed
  • Your actual passport with at least 2 blank visa-designated pages. Passport must be valid for at least 6 months after intended departure from China
  • One 1 photo recently taken (not more than 6 months ago) on a plain, white background, both shoulders visible
  • Non-US citizens must provide proof of residency in the US: the original and photocopy of Green Card, or valid certificates or visa.
  • One copy of this China visa application form, completed and signed
  • Payment: A company or personal check or money order made payable to "Travel Visa Express" (see table below for amounts). To pay for your China visa by credit card, please download the credit card authorization form. Include the form in the package that you mail to us.

Documents showing the itinerary including air ticket booking record (round trip), and proof of a hotel reservation, etc.

If you are travelling on a tourist visa but not staying at a hotel, an invitation letter issued by a relevant entity or individual in China is required. The invitation letter should contain:
  • Information on the applicant (full name, gender, date of birth, etc.)
  • Information on the planned visit (arrival and departure dates, place(s) to be visited, etc.)
  • Information on the inviting entity or individual (name, contact telephone number, address, official stamp, signature of the legal representative or the inviting individual)
  • A business letter from your U.S. employer. This letter must explain the purpose of the trip and provide financial guarantees. It must be on letterhead and signed by a representative of the company other than the applicant.
  • A letter from the organization to be visited in China, including all of the following: applicant's name, country of citizenship, passport number, gender and birth date; purpose and dates of visit; places to be visited; a financial guarantee for the applicant's travel expenses; full contact information of inviting person; seal and signature of company representative. Fax/scan copies are accepted.
  • Photocopy of previous Chinese passports or previous Chinese visas (applicable to foreign citizens who were Chinese citizens and have obtained foreign citizenship)
  • If you are applying for a Chinese visa for the first time, you should provide your previous Chinese passport held and a photocopy of its data page.

The Validity, Duration of Stay, and Number of Entries of the visa issued is at the discretion of the Consular Officers, whose decisions are based on the laws and regulations of China. The Consular Officers have the authority to refuse any visa applications inconsistent with Chinese laws and regulations, or revoke issued visas.


$20.00 - FedEx Second day
$25.00 - FedEx Standard Overnight (3.00PM delivery on next business day)
$30.00 - FedEx Priority Overnight (10.30AM delivery on next business day)
$40.00 - FedEx SATURDAY Priority Overnight (12noon delivery on Saturday)
$55.00 - Puerto-Rico, Hawaii, Alaska
$85.00 - Western\Central Europe
$40.00 - Canada, Mexico
$85.00 - Eastern Europe\Asia\South America

Although we guarantee our services, there are circumstances which we cannot control. We are not responsible for stolen visas or those lost or damaged in the mail. We cannot guarantee that a visa will be issued as the Consulate may refuse to grant entry/exit visa for any reason. Your Consular fees are reimbursable only if you are denied an entry visa and the Consulate has offered to refund its fee. Otherwise, such fees are non-refundable and subject to change without notice.

One day should be added for FedEx delivery of your visa to your home. Be aware that Consulates are closed for all U.S. and their National holidays. Please call us for information on specific country's National holidays.

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