1 A copy of the receipt letter you received from USCIS with your case number on it.
2 A copy of the social security card, driver license, or any kind of picture ID.
3 Adequate proof of medical or business emergency.
4 Money order payable to Travel Visa Express or credit card authorization form for $230 which includes service fees for expediting your travel document, along with return shipping by DHL express (USCIS reserves the right to use regular mail in select cases). Due to time-sensitive nature of your case, personal checks are not accepted as a form of payment.

Regular Immigration service processing time is now from 375 to 405 days (as of August 4, 2003). We provide service to expedite your paperwork with average processing time by the Immigration Service (former INS, currently USCIS) of average of 12 weeks from the day the complete set of required documents is received from you.

Our service includes submitting your documents in required order to the expedited processing department at the Immigration service. We are not responsible for delays caused by the Immigration service, specific decisions made by the Immigration service regarding your case, documents lost or delayed in the mail, or delays due to force major circumstances. Our success rate of expediting travel documents is currently at about 95% with only a handful of documents being returned by Immigration service later than our estimated processing time. Because our service is very unique and the actual outcome depends on Immigration officials, we cannot offer money-back guarantee on expediting of travel documents.


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