Refugee Travel Document:

1 You must fill I-131 Application form for a Travel Document.
2 Your I - 94 card (also known as White Card). If you hold asylum status, submit a copy of the letter (Asylum approval) you received from the USCIS (status granted).
3 A copy of the social security card, driver`s license, or any kind of picture ID.
4 If you have previously been issued a Refugee Travel Document, enclose the original or copy of it. If you lost it, send a police report stating this fact.
5 Money order payable to Travel Visa Express or credit card payment authorization form for $670, which includes USCIS fee (application and biometrics) and service fees for expediting your travel document, along with return shipping by DHL express (USCIS reserves the right to use regular mail in select cases). Due to time-sensitive nature of your case, personal checks are not accepted as a form of payment.

If you already have a travel document that is expired, you need to apply for a new one. Travel documents cannot be extended. Please refer to application requirements above. In addition to the required paperwork, please provide your actual expired travel document. New travel document cannot be issued by the USCIS until your existing one has expired. Discounts are available for returning applicants.

You can also apply for a new travel document before your existing one expires, as long as you submit your unexpired travel document with the rest of the paperwork.

Effective March 5, 2008, applicants for re-entry permits and refugee travel documents are required to provide biometrics (e.g., fingerprints and photographs) at USCIS Application Support Centers (ASC) for background and security checks and requirements for secure travel and entry documents containing biometric identifiers. Shortly after filing an I-131 form for a Refugee Travel Document or a Re-entry Permit, USCIS will mail the applicant his or her receipt and an ASC scheduling notice.

6 After you provide biometrics please fax your receipt with case number to our office at Fax # 1-404-827-0435.

All applicants are urged to file before leaving the United States.

Regular USCIS processing may take from 6 to 12 months. We provide service to expedite your paperwork with average processing time by the USCIS of 6 to 12 weeks from the day the complete set of required documents is received from you.

Our service includes submitting your documents in required order to the expedited processing department at the USCIS accompanied by petition to speed up processing based on emergency. We are not responsible for delays caused by the USCIS, for specific decisions made by its officers regarding your case, documents lost or delayed in the mail, or delays due to circumstances that are out of our control. Our success rate in expediting travel documents is currently at about 95%, with only a handful of documents being returned by the USCIS with delays beyond our estimated average processing time. Please keep in mind that the actual outcome of each case depends solely on the USCIS officers who handle your case, which is why we cannot offer money-back guarantee, whether written or verbal, that your travel document will be issued within a specific time frame. We do not recommend making concrete travel plans and securing non-refundable travel and accommodation reservations prior to receiving your travel document from the USCIS.


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