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Apply for your US passport renewal online if:
  • You can submit your most recent 10 year adult expiring or expired passport
  • You already have a US passport and it is not damaged
  • Your US passport was issued within the past 15 years.

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Passport Renewal Online - How to Renew Your Passport in 4 Days

Getting your passport renewed fast is essential if your international departure date is within 30 days, especially if you need to obtain a travel visa. We can expedite your passport renewal in as fast as 4 days.

Apply to renew a passport using Form DS-82 if your previously-issued passport meets all the following passport renewal criteria:

  • passport was issued when you were age 16 or older;
  • passport was issued within the past 15 years;
  • passport was issued in your current name or you can legally document your name change;
  • It is not significantly damaged and can be submitted with the application;
If you do not meet the criteria, you cannot apply to renew your passport. You need to submit the application for a new U.S. passport (Form DS-11) and supporting documents in person at an application acceptance facility.

Steps to Get a U.S. Passport Renewed

  • Step 1: Complete Application DS-82 Passport renewal application
  • Step 2: Gather Supporting Documents including US passport photos, your US passport and check.
  • Step 3: Package and Send your US passport renewal application
When applying for a US passport renewal, will my old passport be returned to me?
Yes, your old US passport will be returned unless it is deemed to be damaged by the United States Department of State. The passport will clearly indicate that it is invalid and it is important that you advise whether any valid visas remain in the passport before applying for it to be renewed.
Who is eligible to apply for an Expedite U.S. Passport Renewal?

Your U.S passport can only be renewed if ALL of the following conditions are met:

  • You still have your U.S. Passport in your possession.
  • Your previous U.S. Passport was issued when you were age 16 or over.
  • Your previous U.S. Passport was issued no more than 15 years ago.
  • Your current U.S. Passport is undamaged.

Another condition for having an existing passport renewed is that it must not have been issued while you were under the age of 16 years old. Passports that are issued to minors are not the same as those for adults and cannot be renewed as of such. Your current passport must have also been issued within the last 15 years. Those that are older than that will need to be replaced with a first time U.S. passport as though they have never had a previous passport. Finally, the passport must not be damaged.

If your current passport meets all of these requirements and the expiration date is not for six months longer than the extent of your planned travel, you will need to apply for an adult passport renewal services.

Full list of documents required

Once you have completed the online form and signed it, following is the list of documents you must prepare before you start your application process:

  • Two passport photos (2″ x 2″ with a white background). A photo service is available at our office
  • Proof of Identity (optional)
  • Please call for a Letter of Authorization
  • Travel itinerary.
  • Money order or check to the US Department of State for $170.00 (if we are not paying for you)

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