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US Passport Renewal Service Guide

If you have not yet ordered a Passport Renewal Service you can place an order by clicking on this link.
You can apply if at least one of the following describes your situation:
  • Previously issued passport was issued at age 16 or older
  • Previously issued passport was issued less than 15 years ago
  • Previously issued passport, whether expired or valid, is in your possession
  • Previously issued passport is undamaged
  • Previously issued passport does not have enough blank pages


List of required documents to deliver to our office


You need to submit the card (if you were issued one previously) whether you are renewing it or not.
Must provide a copy of one of the following:
  • Trip ticket indicating travel to a foreign country. The ticket does not have to be purchased, it is sufficient to show intent to travel.
  • Travel Itinerary (organized tours, cruises, etc.).
  • Business travelers may submit a signed business letter from the employer of themselves detailing upcoming business travel or job description that requires frequent business trips.
Please have two copies of the itinerary — one copy will be sealed by the acceptance agent, and we will need the second one.

Important: if your departure date is more than 14 days away please talk to our agent first.
In case you do not have an airline reservation / itinerary, we can provide one for you for an additional fee.
DS-82 application form completed on state.gov (https://pptform.state.gov/)

Please complete the form online and print it, but do not sign until you are in front of the acceptance agent.
Handwritten forms are not acceptable, and providing one will cause delay in processing. If you have completed your application form correctly, it should have a barcode in the top left corner once printed.
Please complete this form by hand, but do not sign it until you are in front of the acceptance agent. This form authorizes us to facilitate expediting of your passport application. Please follow the sample, including name of the company you are authorizing to handle your application (unless the company name is already pre-filled)

Please have two copies of the authorization form, both filled out by hand - one will be sealed by the acceptance agent, and we will need the second one. Do not photocopy the form.

Please check out our US Passport Photo Requirements page where we explain to you in detail which photographs are allowed and which are not!

Provide Two Passport Photographs:
  • Sized 2 x 2 inches
  • In color
  • On a plain white or off-white background
  • Front of the face, fully visible
  • Eye glasses should not be worn
  • No hats or head coverings unless worn daily for religious reasons
  • No headphones or similar devices or accessories
  • Very sharp quality
  • Taken within the past 6 months
  • Printed on a matte or glossy photo paper


$190 Government fee for the passport book.
You will write a check or purchase a money order to the “US Department of State.” Please write your full name and date of birth on the memo line of the check or money order. If using a personal or business check, the name and address of the account holder have to appear on it. The address can be handwritten if not featured. Temporary checks cannot be used;

$30 Government fee for a Passport Card that allows one to cross borders with Canada and Mexico by land. Passport Card is optional, and if you would like to have one, you need to indicate that when filling out form DS 11 online;

Payment of Visa Express expediting fee (please choose from the options below):
  • $675 3-4 bus. days processing
  • $550 5-6 bus. days processing
  • $495 10 bus. days processing
  • $295 15 bus. days processing
We accept credit and debit cards, checks, money orders, ACH wire transfers.

Return shipping fee ($40)
Can be added to the expediting fee. Your passport will be sent to you via FedEx or UPS overnight delivery. You can also choose to provide your own self-addressed prepaid return envelope using the delivery service of your choice (FedEx, UPS or USPS).

$35 Acceptance agent fee that will be charged when your application is being executed.
The check or money order should not be for an amount smaller or larger than listed above. The acceptance agent may suggest adding a mailing fee (which is unnecessary), and enclosing payment for an incorrect amount will cause delay in processing.

  • You can save money on shipping fees to us by using our prepaid FEDEX airbill — please contact us before sending your docs if interested.
  • Payment for any additional services (supplying of a travel itinerary, for example) – can be added to expediting and shipping fees.
Above amounts can be combined in one, in which case we will secure government payment on your behalf.

Authorization Process – The Acceptance Agent will verify your identity, review your supporting documents and witness the signing of your application and seal your paperwork in an envelope.

  • Acceptance Agents are usually found in Passport Acceptance Facilities in local post offices, courthouses and other government offices authorized to accept passport applications. Not every post office/court house is a Passport Acceptance Facility.
  • Do NOT sign the DS-11 until directed to do so by the Acceptance Agent. You will sign the application after the Acceptance Agent verifies your application. Applicants aged 16 or 17 need a parent to accompany them to co-sign the application.
  • Tell the Acceptance Agent that a courier service will deliver the materials to the Passport Agency. This Department of State policy is called “Hand Carrying of Executed Applications”. The policy is detailed on page 31 and 44 of the Acceptance Agent Manual.
  • The Acceptance Agent will check your proof of identity, endorse the documents and seal them in an envelope marked: "To be opened by authorized passport officials only." Do NOT open the envelope after it is sealed!
  • Do NOT hand your payment of Visa Express expediting service fees to the Acceptance Agent to seal inside the envelope.
  • Print your name, departure date and date of birth on the outside of the sealed envelope.
8. Address for delivering your sealed envelope and other documents to us:
Atlanta Passport Rush office:
Travel Visa Express
4651 Roswell Road, Suite 309 D
Atlanta, GA 30342
Tel. (404) 827-0099

San Francisco Passport Rush office (use this if applying for urgent processing):
Travel Visa Express
507 Polk Street, Suite 410
San Francisco, CA 94104
Tel. (415) 980-8030

Please call or email us before sending your paperwork to let us know it’s coming.
We need to book a submission slot for your application ahead of time. Only use trackable shipping service.