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Ghana Visa

Travel Visa Express can assist you with passports and visa applications for travel around the world. If you are interested in Ghana visa, we hope you will take advantage of our personalized service from the team of travel experts.
Ghana Travel visa is suitable for tourists, those visiting private individuals and business travelers. It can be issued for one entry within 90 days or multiple entries within 12 months.


The following documents must be received by our office before we process your visa to Ghana:

  1. Completed visa application form
  2. Original, signed United States passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity.
  3. Two passport-style (2"x2") photographs taken within the last 6 months, printed on photo paper and with a plain white background.
  4. Itinerary. Copy of round trip tickets or itinerary.
  5. Bank statement. Copy of the applicant's most recent monthly bank statement. The statement must clearly show the applicant's name as the account holder, the balances of the accounts, and the date of the statement.
  6. Letter of invitation from host or confirmed hotel reservation. Letter of invitation must be accompanied by the host's passport copy.
  7. Business travelers must provide letters from their employer outlining purpose of the visit and a letter from the company in Ghana they conduct business with. Business letter should include the following information:
  • Written on company letterhead—letterhead must state the business address in the USA.
  • Addressed to the corresponding Consulate/Embassy.
  • Name the applicant (traveler) sponsored or employed by the company.
  • Explain the nature of business to be conducted.
  • State the dates of visit.
  • State the name and address of the company to be visited.
  • Specify the type and validity of the requested visa.
  • Company guarantee of financial responsibility for all travel expenses.
  • An original closing signature (someone other than the applicant).
8. Copy of Covid-19 Vaccination Card
9. Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate. All travelers above nine months old arriving in or transiting through Ghana are required to have vaccination against Yellow Fever done at least ten days and no more than 10 years from the proposed date of entry.
10. For minor applicants, both parents must provide a signed and notarized Consent letter. The letter should be accompanied by copies of both parents' valid passports or valid picture IDs and the minor's birth certificate
11. For non-US citizens, a copy of both sides of a valid Permanent Residence Card or a valid long-term non-visitor US visa is required.

Ghana Travel Visa Price

Rates vary depending on desired validity, number of entries and processing time.
Single Entry

Validity: 90 days

Processing time 7-10 business days

including Consular Fee
Single Entry

Validity: 90 days

Processing time 3-5 business days

including Consular Fee
Multiple Entry

Validity: 12 months

Processing time 7-10 business days

including Consular Fee
Multiple Entry

Validity: 12 months

Processing time 3-5 business days

including Consular Fee

Ghana Visa Processing Times and Fees

$22.00 - FedEx Second day
$27.00 - FedEx Standard Overnight (3.00PM delivery on next business day)
$32.00 - FedEx Priority Overnight (10.30AM delivery on next business day)
$40.00 - FedEx SATURDAY Priority Overnight (12noon delivery on Saturday)
$55.00 - Puerto-Rico, Hawaii, Alaska
$85.00 - Western\Central Europe
$40.00 - Canada, Mexico
$85.00 - Eastern Europe\Asia\South America
Processing time is in BUSINESS DAYS. Processing time is set forth by Ghana Consulate and is not guaranteed.
How does it work?

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Send us your documents
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Receive your passport or visa
Once your Visa is ready we will mail it to you via FedEx or DHL right to your doorstep.
US or Worldwide… we’ll get your documents to you wherever you may be.


Medical facilities in Ghana are limited, particularly outside the capital, Accra. You should carry adequate supplies of any needed prescription medicines, along with copies of your prescriptions, the generic name of the drugs, and a supply of preferred over-the-counter medications.

Mosquito-borne illnesses, such as Malaria, Yellow Fever, and Dengue are a significant problem, and prevention of bites and proper Yellow Fever immunization are important for all areas.

While in Ghana, you should carry and use insect repellents containing either 20 percent DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, or IR3535; treat clothing and tents with permethrin; and sleep in screened or air-conditioned rooms under insecticide-impregnated mosquito nets.

For emergency services in Ghana, dial 211.

Ambulance services are:

  • Not widely available, and training and availability of emergency responders may be below U.S. standards.
  • Not equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment.
  • Not staffed with trained paramedics, and often have little or no medical equipment.
  • Injured or seriously ill travelers may prefer to take a taxi or private vehicle to the nearest major hospital rather than wait for an ambulance.

In many areas, tap water is not drinkable. Bottled water and beverages are generally safe, although you should be aware that many restaurants and hotels serve tap water unless bottled water is specifically requested. Be aware that ice for drinks may be made using tap water.

A World Health Organization (WHO) yellow card is required for entry into the country. The Ghana authorities require a Yellow Fever vaccination within the past ten years and that adults have a Polio booster after the original childhood vaccine series. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publishes a country-specific list of recommended vaccines to receive prior to arrival.

Some HIV/AIDS entry restrictions exist for visitors to and foreign residents of Ghana.

FAQ for travelers in Ghana

Do I need a visa to travel to Ghana?
US Passport holders are required to have a valid visa to enter Ghana.
Do I need a COVID-19 certificate to travel to Ghana?
All people coming to Ghana must provide COVID-19 certificate to travel to Ghana.
How long does it take to process a visa to Ghana?
Visa processing at the Consulate of Ghana takes from 3 business days (rush service) to 10 business days (regular service).
Do I need a letter of invitation for a visa to Ghana?
A letter of invitation is required if you apply for a business or a visitor visa.
Business travelers must provide letters from their employer outlining purpose of the visit and a letter from the company in Ghana they conduct business. If you are visiting someone in Ghana, your host must provide a letter of invitation from your host along with a copy of host's photo ID. If you apply for a tourist visa you will need to provide a confirmation of a hotel booking.
When do I need to have a PCP-test when I arrive in Ghana?
For fully vaccinated travelers, the post arrival COVID-19 PCR test should be done on the 2nd day after arrival. For unvaccinated or partially vaccinated travelers, the post arrival COVID-19 PCR test should be done on the 7th day after arrival.
You are required to contact the private laboratory you selected during online registration and payment to schedule an appointment.
Travel related COVID-19 testing is conducted by approved private laboratories, who provide this service for a fee.

Do I need to use a mask on my flight to Ghana?
Masks are still required on flights traveling to Ghana.
Do I need a visa to enter Ghana?
Yes. If you want to visit Ghana, you should apply for a visa. You must obtain your Ghana visa from a Ghana embassy.
Besides the visa the Government of Ghana also requires the proof of COVID and Yellow Fever vaccinations and COVID-specific testing prior to arrival.
Do children under 18 need PCR-test or COVID-19 vaccine?

Children below the age of 18 years will be accorded the same privileges as persons who are fully vaccinated.

Is a negative COVID-19 test (PCR) required for entry to Ghana?

Yes. Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated passengers are required to take a COVID-19 PCR test 48hrs before departure and conduct days 2 and 7 post-arrival PCR tests.

These passengers must pay for their PCR tests.

My PCR-test result after arrival in Ghana is positive – what happens now?
You should not go to the airport as you may be stopped from checking-in or boarding the aircraft by your airline. You may also have primary close contacts in your travelling group. These people should not travel as you may have passed the infection on to them. A primary close contact is anyone who has had unprotected exposure to a confirmed case. You and your primary close contacts should immediately isolate and seek advice from your local health authority.
I or someone I am traveling with is not eligible for vaccination or cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. What should we do?
People who cannot be vaccinated need to have a medical certificate which indicates that they have a medical contraindication to COVID-19 vaccines, that is, they cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons.
Can I get COVID-19 in Ghana?

Ghana still is identifying COVID-19 cases, and, due to an increasing number of cases in several countries, surveillance is being intensified and travel protocols are strictly enforced.

What areas are not safe in Ghana?
Street crime remains a serious problem in Accra and other large cities. Thieves carry out crimes of opportunity, such as “snatch & grabs,” on city streets in isolated areas as well as from vehicles idling in traffic. Pickpockets are also prevalent in crowded areas. Luggage and travel document theft occurs at Kotoka International Airport in Accra and in hotels across Ghana. Keep your documents secure at all times, and don’t leave your baggage unattended

What is a visa to Ghana?

If you want to go to Ghana, you must apply for a visa before entering the country.
The visa can be called a sticker issued by the Ghana government and affixed to the passport.
With this visa you are allowed to enter the territory of Ghana.
The visa will be checked during passport control in Ghana.

What is the difference between tourist and business visa to Ghana?

Tourists from USA always need a visa to Ghana, this visa is suitable for 1 entry for 90 days or multiple entry (6 months) with 30 days of uninterrupted stay in Ghana.
Business visas come in different variants, which can be applied for for 1 entry (single-entry) or for an unlimited number of entries within a year (multiple-entry).

Do children need to provide their own visa to Ghana?

Yes, also like adults. They must be able to present a visa when entering Ghana. As parents they should also have their own passport (so children are not credited in the passport of a parent), which will contain the visa.

How long will it take before I get my visa?

The costs for the visa can vary per visa and processing time. Normally a standard application takes 3 working days. However, there is a possibility to use an agency like travelvisaexpress who can help you to make an emergency procedure in 1 working day.
We also must say that sometimes it takes the embassy longer to assess your application than the stated average processing time for this.

How do I send my passport and documents?

There are a number of delivery methods.
Most of them we are talking about are here.
The possibility and costs depend on the the time and the courier service.
You can contact us for the possibilities of sending your documents.

Is it possible to extend Ghana visa?

No, it must be mentioned that it is not possible to renew a visa. You also must note that any new visa application for Ghana will immediately invalidate any old visa for Ghana. So only submit a new visa application when you no longer want to use any previously issued visas to Ghana.

Which conditions apply to my passport if I want get Ghana visa?

The passport must be valid for at least six months after each entry.
The passport must contain at least two blank pages.
The passport must be free of covers and loose content.

Can I get Ghana visa urgent?

Yes. Ghana visa can also be made urgently. The usual delivery time for both the business and tourist visa is 3 working days. In travelvisaexpress we provide Ghana visa for 3 and 1 days. If you make an urgent request, this will take 1 working day.

My application has been denied by Ghana embassy. Can I get my money back?

No. We must pay the visa in advance. If the Ghana government decides that you are not allowed to enter the country for any reason, we cannot get costs back.

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