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Expert Plus+ $99
Passport service
in San Francisco

  • We hand-guide you through the process
  • We fill out all government forms for your
  • We set up your passport appointment for submission
  • You get your passport in 5-8 weeks*

Expert Plus+
Passport Service in
San Francisco

If your travel date is at least 8 weeks away, this service for you!

Expert Plus+ gets all your ducks in a row
  • We go over all your questions and options with a phone/zoom call
Expert Plus+ guarantees correct passport submission
  • We fill out government forms for you and review all other documents before submission
Expert Plus+ sets you up with a passport appointment
  • We make an appointment at a local USPS/Passport facility for you. You simply show up and be done in 10 minutes.
Expert Plus+ ships your documents and keeps them in check
  • We express your passport application package to the correct State Department facility and track the progress.
Use this service if

  • you have at least 8 weeks before you need your passport
  • you are confused by the process and have lots of questions
  • you don't want to take any chances with government forms
  • you need experts to check your documents before submission
  • you want professionals to track your passport issuance process and intervene if needed to speed things up

Expert Plus+ Passport Service can be used with all U.S. passport requests:

  • New Passport
  • Passport Renewal
  • Second Valid Passport
  • Passport Renewal with Name Change
  • Lost or Stolen Passport Replacement
  • Damaged Passport Replacement
  • Passports for Minors
Expert Plus+
Passport Service includes
    A 15-minute phone consultation.
    We provide professional consultation and explain to you the process of applying for your new US Passport or renewing your existing passport. When dealing with the government, you need to make sure that all you follow the official process precisely as described, as one little error will put your passport application on hold.
    We fill out official online passport form based on information you provide us.

    The whole process of applying for a passport may seem pretty straightforward, but a lot of care should be taken during preparation of your application package.
    Errors on your application may cause significant delay in processing of your passport. Here are some of the most common mistakes with passport applications:

    • misspelling of applicants' names
    • listing incorrect data (date of birth, SSN, address, etc.)
    • correcting mistakes the wrong way
    • filling out the form by hand instead of typing in the information online
    • presence of smears and smudges on your application form
    We review your passport application paperwork

    Our Document Pre-Check Service can save valuable time and reduce stress. You can avoid mistakes on your paperwork and processing delays. Experienced passport specialist will review and check your documents to confirm when your application is ready to be filed. In case of errors or inaccuracies, you will be contacted and alerted if there is information that needs to be corrected or missing paperwork.

    Your steps:
    1. Complete Application: fill out order form, application form(s) and gather supporting documents
    2. Scan Application: scan a copy of your passport, application form and related supporting materials such as itinerary, business letter, birth or marriage certificate, etc.
    3. Submit Request: e-mail your scanned paperwork to our specialists. Once you submit the order you can simply wait to hear back from us to confirm whether all is in order.

    • If changes are needed for your documents, additional reviews of the corrected paperwork will be done at no additional charge.

    We set up your appointment at local USPS or Regional passport facility to personally submit your passport application.

    New US Passport applications are submitted by appointment only.

    • The online passport appointment system maintained by the United States Postal Service is helpful, but has some limitations like not including all existing passport acceptance facilities, especially those located in public libraries, municipal and county government offices, city halls and courthouses.
  • Super fast and professional work.
    I was informed every step of the way
    Farrel Gulierm
  • Honestly, worked a miracle. I needed my passport for a medical trip but didn't have time to do it. Super pumped with how easy and fast they were.
    Samuel Willson
  • Everything was fast and cheap. I loved being able to track where things were at through the whole process.
    Sarah Lewin
  • Great service if you're in a pinch like me and needed a passport ASAP. Thanks!
    Alex Gupta

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