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This form has to be filled out and submitted along with your passport application according to our instructions for each passport service.

Please follow the example and fill out authorization form exactly as shown. Any errors may cause your passport application to be delayed by the State Department.
An EXAMPLE of an authorization form already filled out
This is an EXAMPLE!

Fill out the blank authorization form (below) using this one as an example.

We are registered as an authorized passport expeditor with the State Department under the name of "Go To Russia Travel", which is was one of our trade names before Russia started a war against Ukraine. Do not let this confuse you. We are the same company.

Also, do not use the address on the authorization form to send us anything! This is an old address of our San Francisco office, and this is how it is registered with the State Department. Only use the address we provide you with to send us your documents!

Please SAVE and PRINT this Authorization Form below, fill it out and include with your passport application according to our instructions