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Five Cat Cities of the World

Many landmarks look better against the backdrop of cats.
Especially if there are a lot of cats and the city has good conditions for them. In these cities you can pet and photograph street cats as much as you like - the main thing is not to take them home from your trip. Better take a kitty from a shelter in your city.

The largest Turkish city is the world's most famous "cat capital". Cats there have long been full-fledged residents, you can find them on the streets and in cafes, museums and even mosques. People take care of stray kittens: they feed them and let them warm up if it's cold.

The local authorities do not lag behind: there is a free emergency ambulance for animals in the city. They come to the cats when they are called, treat them and return them to their homes. These same medics spay and neuter cats and cats without charge. You can see cat houses in many yards and alleys - they are also installed by the municipalities. If you need visa to Turkey fast, our team at will arrange it for you at the best possible price and always on time. More info

So why are there so many cats in Istanbul? It's a port city, and on ships, cats helped people fight off rats. But during stopovers, some animals have escaped and settled in a city with a warm climate, fresh fish from fishermen and a cat-friendly Islamic culture: Muslims consider cats to be clean animals.

Montenegro's resort town is also filled with cats posing against the backdrop of medieval UNESCO-listed landmarks. Cats there roam the streets, sit in cafes and rest on the steps of the street stairs. As far back as 1914, the world-famous Lonely Planet guide ranks Kotor among the ten best cities for cat lovers. But if you thought that Kotor was named after cats, you're wrong: here, the tailed ones are called macka.

Locals, café and restaurant owners, and shopkeepers treat these animals with love. When in 2010 an unknown person poisoned the cats, the citizens stood up for the cats and eventually persuaded the authorities to give them a "cat heaven" in the city. And the square near St. Mary's Church became the official place where animals could be fed. U.S. citizen visitors (traveling with U.S. passports) do not need a visa to enter and stay in Montenegro for up to 90 days. You  just need your U.S. Passport be ready for the trip. Visa Express Inc. will help you.

Right in the old town of Kotor, in the building of the former Kotor monastery of the Virgin of Angels, works the Museum of Cats. It was opened by the art historian and collector Piero Paci - the Italian had the idea of such an exposition when he was given a collection of one and a half thousand postcards, medals, magazines, comics, books and stamps with images of cats. The collection is being added to - children can send their drawings of cats there. The proceeds from the museum (when it is open the admission ticket for an adult costs 1 euro, for a child 50 cents) go to help the cats in the city.

In the Georgian capital, street cats watch people on every corner. They like to walk between the tables of street cafes and ask visitors for food, and some live at temples where they have their own bowls. Some cats actively seek out people, others, on the contrary, try to run away when they see people.

Although there are many cats, just like dogs, in Tbilisi, there is no infrastructure and no intelligent system for controlling the population in the city. The only measure that is taken is sterilization.

Tashiro Island in Japan is called "cat heaven." There are two villages there, Odomari and Nitoda. In total, they live in about 70 people. At the same time, the number of cats here is many times more. Initially, they were brought to the island to hunt rats, which interfered with the local silk production. Dogs were banned.

The inhabitants of Tashiro treat cats very reverently. There is even a shrine in the center of the island dedicated to the cat deity, the patron saint of good catches. It is difficult to get into Japan because of kovid restrictions, so the "cat paradise" is now without tourists. U.S. citizen visitors (traveling with U.S. passports) ;do not need a visa to enter and stay in Japan for up to 90 days. However, you need your U.S. Passport be ready for the trip. Visa Express Inc. will make all necessary staff for you at low price.

Zelenogradsk in Kaliningrad region, Russia received the status of the city of cats not so long ago. It is believed that this happened after 2012. Then in the restored water tower of the city opened "Murarium" - a private collection of images of cats. It has more than four and a half thousand pieces of interior decorations, jewelry, paintings, figurines and other things related to whiskers. After its opening, the museum became popular, and the local administration began to develop Zelenogradsk as the "cat capital" of Russia. If you need visa to Russia fast, our team at Travel Visa Express Inc. will arrange it for you at the best possible price and always on time. More info

Now four-legged creatures can be found here on every corner, both alive and in the form of sculptures, graffiti or souvenirs.

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