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Undiscovered Russia. Where to travel for early honey?

Honey-eaters can fly to Bashkortostan and Tatarstan for a healthy delicacy.
Bashkortostan is the most honey-producing region in Russia, while Kazan is the place where everyone takes chak-chak and other honey desserts. 

Honey is being harvested all summer long - different plants bloom at different times. However, the first honey in the middle region appears at the end of May and June. It is liquid, light-yellow, with a delicate flowery smell and very tasty. We have gathered for you in Bashkortostan and Tatarstan a few places where it might make sense to look for fresh honey and its derivatives. Before your journey you should check if your U.S. Passport is ready for your trip to Russia. Visa Express Inc. will make all necessary staff for you at low price.

Uncle Fanis's apiary

One of the places where the honey is the most traditional and natural. The bees do not live in hives and in huge stacks here, they also are not treated with antibiotics. You will be told everything, shown and treated.

How to enjoy honey: come to the excursion from Ufa.

Tolchev Honey

Honey farm, that also approves to excursions and samplings - you only need to call a little in advance. 

How to enjoy: come by car or cab from Ufa -it is about 150 kilometers away. If you need visa to Russia fast, our team at Travel Visa Express Inc. will arrange it for you at the best possible price and always on time. More info

Tatar Baly

Tatar beekeeping cooperative that wins awards and supplies honey to supermarkets. Their honey can be ordered all over Russia or even bought in supermarkets in Tatarstan. 

Chak-chak Museum

Learn all about that very honey-cooked pastry and,eat your heart out, of course. You can find all sorts of beautiful things on the museum's Instagram. 

How to enjoy: fly to Kazan and walk to Staro-Tatarskaya Sloboda.


An iconic liquor from the city of the same name, a favorite of Tatar drinking houses and cocktail establishments. What is the secret? It's very simple: in addition to a million herbs, Bugulma has a lot of honey.

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