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What to see in Cairo in 4 days

Cairo is a city of contrasts. Yes, it combines poverty and luxury, hustle and bustle, trash, beauty, mystery... And it's all together.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about Cairo? Let me guess, the pyramids?

If only for the sake of them, or rather for the sake of even one - the last of the seven surviving ancient wonders of the world - the Pyramids of Cheops, where now you can still go inside.
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Day 1
We have breakfast at the hotel, call for an Uber and head early to the Giza plateau to see the pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mikerin, as well as the Sphinx.

Separately, but immediately at the entrance, along with the ticket, pay for the passage and the inside of the pyramids, if you decide to go there - it will be impossible to do further.

It is better to arrive by 8-9 am. After you can go for coffee, tea, juice on the roof of one of the hotels that are located at the exit of the Giza Plateau. For example, in the Great Pyramid Inn you can use the restroom and take some more great shots of the whole plateau with the pyramids and the Sphinx from another angle.

Then we call an Uber and go to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization to see all the mummies of Egypt gathered in one place. They made the move to this beautiful and interesting museum on April 3, 2021 with all the honors in a royal cortege on personal car-sarcophagi.
The museum is open until 17.00, which suits us fine.

After the museum we are going to the ancient market of Cairo and all Egypt, Khan el Khalili, and God forbid you to miss Al Muiz Street - it's only 1 km long and consists of 52 buildings, each of which is a landmark. There you also can't miss the Kalawun Complex.

All in oriental lights after sunset, a real oriental flavor.

There we enter two establishments - one of them is El Fishawy Café. It opened in 1710, and never closed. You can only drink mint tea, coffee and juice there, but it is worth it. It's an incredibly atmospheric and photogenic place, which Morgan Freeman personally appreciated.
And second, we're on our way to dinner - Nagub Manfouz Café.

Day 2

We get up early too and after a good breakfast we go to the Cairo Citadel. The Citadel will be enough for almost the whole day.

Afterwards you can go to Azhar Park, meet the sunset there and stay for dinner. This is not some ordinary park: it and its history, the mission deserve a separate attention.

And afterwards go to the hotel, tomorrow is another busy day.

Day 3

After a rich breakfast we go to the official residence of the president of the country Abdin Palace. As long as it is not Friday - day off.

Then get some water: ask a cab driver to stop you at any shop and buy bottles for cash. Next we go to the next location.
On the agenda is the Egyptian Archaeological Museum - the one on Tahrir Square (plus one more attraction to add to our collection). The Golden Mask is there: don't take a picture of it, it's the only thing the guards at the museum keep such a close eye on. If you take a picture of it, there will be a scandal: they'll ask for your phone to delete it - but we know that deleted photos are kept in the trash. Or manage to capture the miracle mask without anyone noticing.

After the museum we go for dinner overlooking the Nile and Gezira Island on the roof of the Ritz-Carlton at Nox. Relax. Then back to the hotel. Another busy day ahead.

Day 4

We have the usual filling breakfast and go to the Palais of Baron Empain. You can find Asia in Africa too - see for yourself. Be sure not to miss the opportunity to take beautiful pictures from the observation deck at the castle to one of the most beautiful areas of Cairo, Heliopolis.

After we go to the Coptic Quarter. Egypt is not only a Muslim country, but also a Christian country. You have no idea how closely connected Egypt is to Christianity.

You can get there by Uber or by metro (just in case you want to ride the Cairo metro).

The Hanging Church is a must-see. Next, take a cab to the Cairo Tele Tower. There is a restaurant that rotates 360 degrees and an observation deck overlooking the whole of Cairo. Have dinner and enjoy the view.

Then we take a boat trip down the Nile - there is a boat station on Gezira Island in the Zamalek neighborhood, where the Cairo TV tower is located, and say goodbye to this beautiful city.

To see Cairo in 4 days is almost impossible, but believe me - you did the best you could.
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