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The best ice cream in the world

At all times in all parts of the world, people have made alcohol without agreement. And do you know what else? Ice cream! They say it's been made for over four thousand years. And some have achieved real perfection in this business.

Thaivetro Old Town Ice Cream
Where: Phuket, Thailand

There's one place you really can try the most unexpected ice cream, and that's in Asia. For example, at Thaivetro Old Town Ice Cream in Phuket. They offer about forty different flavors, from classic chocolate flavors to unique ones like Rose Tea and Hokkaido Unicorn (a Hokkaido unicorn, really?).

I wandered into an ice cream shop in the old town of Phuket Town and there was an assortment of flavors to choose from. From classic and fruity to Tom Yam, dark beer, Doc Kha rice, Tao Sor buns, and whatever else you can get your hands on. And waffle cups in flavors like durian, Thai tea, matcha, purple sweet potato, chocolate, coconut and more. I picked up a Tom Yam scoop and a rose scoop each. I love extreme combinations:) 

U.S. citizen tourists entering Thailand for fewer than 30 days do not require a visa. I strongly recommend that your passport be valid for at least six months beyond the date of your arrival in Thailand to avoid possible denied entry. If you need to renew it see more information here.

Where: France; the whole world.

2002. We are standing at an ice cream counter near the Seine promenade and Notre Dame de Paris, choosing. The girl behind the counter is talking to her friend in French. We can't decide, there are many of us, lots of ice cream, and we all want everything at once.

The girl distracts herself from her conversation and, in plain Russian, offers to take a few scoops of different flavors. She is a student at one of the universities in Paris, she came here to study from a small Russian town. In her free time, she works part-time at the Amorino's gelateria.

Today, Amorino's is almost on every corner in Paris, but back then there was only one. By a strange coincidence, it was the one we went to, on the island of Saint-Louis. It was created by childhood friends Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi. And in 2022, the characteristic rose-shaped ice cream in a crispy waffle cone is known throughout Europe, Asia, and both Americas.

Suzukien Asakusa
Where: Tokyo, Japan

Generally speaking, Suzukien in Tokyo's old Asakusa neighborhood is a tea house. Opened, as any decent place in Japan, long ago, in 1853. But they also make ice cream here. From tea. Suzukien is known for serving ice cream with the highest concentration of matcha in the world.

There are seven different levels of "strength" of matcha ice cream to choose from. If you make it to Japan and find yourself at Suzukien Asakusa, don't be a penny pincher - try the strongest. But before you get there, check out Suzukien's website and appreciate the delights of Japanese web design.

La Sorbetteria Castiglione
Where: Bologna, Italy

If Italy is the recognized ice cream capital of the world, then Bologna is the capital of ice cream. But things could have been different if La Sorbetteria Castiglione had not opened here in 1994. The few ice cream cafés that were operating in the city at that time were very mediocre, but the chefs at La Sorbetteria Castiglione took Bologna to a new level. Then and now they keep a close eye on the quality of ingredients, take only natural ones, look passionately for the balance of each new taste and use the most modern equipment as a matter of principle. They were the first to bring lactose-free and vegan ice cream to the local ice arena.

The café is located in the historic district near the Porta Castiglione gate, a perfect harmony of the physical and spiritual. Before your journey you should check if your U.S. Passport is ready for your trip to Italy. Visa Express Inc. will make all necessary staff for you at low price.

Fairy Hills Ice Cream
Where: Melbourne, Australia

Incredibly popular local ice cream café has been around for a decade. It's a local family business, and Australians love local family businesses. But the ice cream is indeed incredibly good. Fairy Hills Ice Cream owner David Rattray-Wood believes the popularity of his ice cream and sorbets is just a result of using the highest quality ingredients. As usual, all ingenious things are simple.

In addition to its award-winning ice cream, it serves delicious smoothies, shakes, frozen yogurt, French pancakes and coffee. If you find yourself here, get the macadamia nut ice cream, which grows in Australia. If you need visa to Australia fast, our team at Travel Visa Express Inc. will arrange it for you at the best possible price and always on time. More info

Østerberg Ice Cream
Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

A laconic Scandinavian-style café and Copenhagen's best gourmet ice cream. Founder and ice cream expert Katherine Osterberg calls ice cream a science and teaches courses and develops the flavors for her two restaurants Østerberg Ice Cream.

These include traditional Danish sea buckthorn, elderberry and liquorice. And exotic flavors like pink hibiscus, yuzu, pitahaya (red dragon fruit) and sour apple, which Osterberg brings from her ice cream shops in Vietnam. The pastry chefs there make the fruit base with full respect for technology, which makes it possible to bring fresh exotics to Copenhagen.

Østerberg Ice Cream has more than 400 flavors in its arsenal. Every day there is something new on display. You have to alternate flavors because everything just doesn't fit.