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I'm sorry, you're driving me crazy. Airline seat-mates

The types of passengers who ruin your entire flight and how to deal with them

Perpetually hungry
And he seems like a nice-looking neighbor, well-dressed, gentle, silent. Until the food is served - And then he swoops in like he's never seen it before. Rice falls out of his mouth, mayonnaise flies at you, sniffing, smacking, groaning, gasping... It's like you are in a Hannibal Lecter movie. After an hour, he wants to know if there are any nuts left.

What to do: In order to make the beast friendly, you have to feed it. If you will not eat something from your lunch, then try to offer it to a neighbor. Give him some snacks. Maybe he'll get full and go to sleep.

The Panicker
There are many phobias in the world that you haven't even heard of. But aerophobia, the fear of airplanes, is one of the most famous. Even before getting into a seat, you can tell a person with aerophobia by his running eyes, sweaty hands, and fingers drumming on all surfaces. He will ask to hold the handle as soon as the plane starts to pick up speed. On departure, he may be on your knees. Better luck if there's no turbulence during the flight, otherwise he'll jump up in hysterics and start praying, blessing everyone around him and then screaming: "We're all going to die!"

What to do: Having found yourself in the neighborhood of an aerophobe, try to bring him or her the statistics of falling planes and daily accidents on the road. In no circumstances do not panic together - even if sweat spots can crawl down your back, you must demonstrate that everything is normal. We also know one more phobia - Hodophobia. It is an extreme irrational fear of traveling. A kind of anxiety or excessive worrying. And we know for sure that to avoid it you'd better use help of the expedite services agency such as Visa Express Inc.

The treasure hunter
Everything seems fine, your seatmates are quite adequate. You are blissfully closing your eyes and imagining that you will sleep the entire flight. And then... Your seat shakes once, then twice, then three times and so on throughout the flight. And at head level, you hear a pounding sound all the time.

Congratulations, the neighbor behind you is a treasure hunter. He's constantly looking for something in his seat pocket, shifting his jacket, pulling out his bag, getting up, sitting down, poking at the monitor screen, which is located just at your head level. So what were you thinking there, getting a nap?

What to do: try to turn around and ask what he's looking for. Perhaps you can offer to help him - look for some treasure together, or offer what he needs. Of course, it is unlikely that he will accept your offer, but he will be ashamed for sure. Sometimes you can avoid a doubtful company or the inconvenience on the flight if you choose the right travel destination. A visa is often necessary for such directions. With the help of Visa Express Inc. you can find something special for you. Know more

The Propeller
If there is a perpetual motion machine, it is installed in this neighbor, who in the first thirty minutes has had time to study the flight log, safety procedures, airbag inflation and deflation, talk to all the neighbors, and study movies. Then he'll get up and go talk to the whole plane, while managing to do a few yoga poses. I guess he disappeared right there? No, just checking with the flight crew to see when lunch is and offering his help. It's good that they don't let him in the pilot's cabin now, or he would have made a mess of the cabin, too.

What to do: you can not agree with the man-propeller - it's better if he goes for a walk in the cabin, otherwise he will move around in his seat and yelling.

The Capricious person
The stewardess is around your row most often and longer than anywhere else. And not because she likes you. And no, you are not a celebrity. Just sits next to a slightly capricious person. Okay, a very capricious person. His finger won't let go of the flight attendant call button. First he's cold and wants a blanket. Then he'll say it's hot and demand a cooler cabin temperature. Then he gets dry and needs his sixth glass of water in an hour. Then the pastry is not heated enough, then he wants to get acquainted with the whole list of drinks...

What to do: We hope you brought your headphones and sleeping mask. The solution is to hide from reality. 

The Alcoholic
You'll know him by the smell. Most likely, he will sit down to you already drunk, because he has already had time to sit in the pub before landing. The noise of your landing gear retracting will be the same as the sound of a package opening from Duty Free and the clinking of the beer cap. He will constantly ask the flight crew to bring him a beverage. And certainly if there's unlimited alcohol on the flight... good grief. Soon he'll offer to have a drink with him and start a conversation: "Do you respect me?" and then he'll start singing. At best, he will just fall asleep curling on your shoulder, occasionally snoring and dribbling on your brand-new sweatshirt.

What to do: Tell him you are coded because you once almost killed your neighbor on a blue bench. Be silent for a long time. No, he won't stop drinking, but he'll definitely get out of your way with suggestions.

The Pissing person
He goes to the bathroom so often, that it seems like there's something interesting in there. It makes me want to advise him to drink less beer and water, if the Department of Public Health will forgive you. And it would have been okay if he was sitting on the edge. But no, he's by the window.

What to do: Ask the pissing person to switch seats.

The Chatterbox 
This neighbor starts a conversation as soon as his mild toe lands next to your seat. In as little as an hour, you'll know his entire biography, childhood injuries, his grandmother's favorite recipes, and the names of his classmates. If you forgot to take a guide to the city where you're flying, don't worry: your neighbor will bring you up to date in the first two hours. He'll also kindly start telling you the most horrifying stories about airplanes.

What to do: If you're not in the mood to chat the whole flight (we suppose you do), say that it was nice to meet you and put on your headphones. Yes, tough, but there is no desire to satisfy his companion syndrome.
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