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On vacation all alone

Someone at the mention of this app nods joyfully. Someone nervously touches his napkin and says he's never heard of it. Others swear that they only looked at it once, just for fun, and immediately deleted it. Or that it " has downloaded itself.

The fact remains that everyone knows about Tinder. The total number of visits is 60 million per month.

You arrive as a tourist or an expat in a new country where you know no one. Taking a seat at a table in a cafe with a stranger is a little bizarre-it's only stupider to walk up on the street and ask, "How do I get to the library?" Unless, of course, you're seriously going to the library.

Swipe right if you like the person, left if you pass by. Such simple movements, on which your plans for the evening may depend. Or even your life.

A bit of statistics.

The application appeared in 2012 and instantly conquered the world. The average age of users is 18-34 years old. It is interesting that among them, 75.8% are men. "Tinder" is available in 190 countries in 40 languages (and they also say that the language of love is universal!). The research also shows that 48% of people are looking for a second half, 33% want to share emotions and leisure time, and 26% just want sex.

Due to the pandemic, more and more employees are working from home. That means even fewer reasons to meet people in the real world. That's why interest in the app has grown significantly since 2020, as has the number of dates made. Now people are able to travel after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. If you want to travel you should have your U.S. Passport ready to your trip. Visa Express Inc. will make all necessary staff for you at low price.

Where do people use Tinder most?

You won't believe it, but in South and Central America. Hot-blooded Latinos are also spreading online.When I flew to Mexico City to visit my friend three years ago, I first got a notification that more than 3,000 people liked me. I broke out in a sweat, and my friend reassured me that there were more than 20 million people living in Mexico's capital city, so that wasn't such an impressive result yet. In my mind, I crossed out girls, retirees, gays, highlighted the ages 27-35, said goodbye to the married (for nothing), and I thought 3,000 was still a win.

Tinder is in the top 100 apps in terms of popularity, according to research from 12 Latin American countries. Only 9 out of 42 Asian countries had the app in the top, and in Europe it's not in the top at all.

Tips and tricks

As of 2020, due to the pandemic, Tinder has made the Passport feature free, although it used to be part of the premium package. This made it possible to find interesting people in other countries while in your own country. Now it is very convenient to prepare the ground before a trip. Go to settings, select "Add new location. And voila! A visa is often necessary for visiting new directions. With the help of Visa Express Inc. you can find something special for you. Know more

In 2020, over 1.4 billion swipes were made using the Passport feature.

The first time Tom texted me, I was surprised. I'm in Thailand, he's in England, just set up the Passport service. Is it hard to find a real girl, not a pen pal. He informed me that he was planning to move to live in Thailand in a month. I had little faith in all these romantic messages, but still kept up the correspondence. Okay, I confess, after a week I was already waiting for his messages every day. What was my surprise when he announced that he was flying out of London. We met only a few days later, because I was still skeptical... And now we have been living together for over two years, we managed to travel around England and USA. I never thought it would be possible to find each other in different countries.

Emma, Barcelona
Be realistic. Don't think you'll meet your soulmate right away after your first swipe to the right. And don't expect butterflies to flutter over you and an exciting French melody to play in your ears as you enjoy the views of the Eiffel Tower. Even if all this happens, there's no guarantee that after the first night the stranger/non-friend won't disappear. Unfortunately, there are many lovers of affairs on Tinder, especially with tourists. Just have fun socializing, the city, and be in the moment. And there - as it goes.
Yes, vacation is a time to relax. But safety first. Only agree to places where there are people. Going on a first date to a wild beach, the roof of an abandoned building, or a villa with strangers is not a good idea.
Try to find out more about your date: ask for the first and last name, a contact phone number, study his profile on Instagram or Facebook. You can go further and search for information about him on Google.
I met Taira in Phuket. To be honest, I wasn't even interested in reading what was on her profile, I was so struck by her beauty. We met in a bar, had a few cocktails and went to my hotel. There I found out it wasn't Taira, but Tair. When I found her...his...Instagram page the next day, it turned out that she...he...wasn't hiding it. And even on his Tinder profile, he's being honest. Now I'm not just going to choose from pictures. You can read how to make visa to every destination you actually want here.